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VIMMXX Starring Michela D'Angelo

VIMMXX Starring Michela D'Angelo


Henry James: “The world, in truth, had never seemed so large; it seemed to open out, all round her, to take the form of a mighty sea, where she floated in fathomless waters.”


Michela D’Angelo: I am a very emotional person, it doesn't take much for me to go from one extreme to the other.

H.J.: “It had lately occurred to her that her mind was a good deal of a vagabond, and she had spent much ingenuity in training it to a military step and teaching it to advance, too halt, to retreat, to perform. Even complicated manoeuvres, at the world of command.”


M.D.A: I would it could be easier for me to let myself go

H.J.: “You must have suffered first, have suffered greatly, have gained some miserable knowledge. In that way, your eyes are opened.”


M.D.A: Part of the person I am today for better or for worse is also precisely the result of disappointments and sorrows

H.J.: “She felt too wide-eyed and wished to check the sense of seeing of seeing too many things at once.”


M.D.A.: There are very few people I really trust and if I trust one of them I do it blindly

H.J.: “She would be what she appeared, and she would appear what she was”


M.D.A.: I believe appearing is an extension of being

Starring Michela D’Angelo

Written by Alessio De Navasques

Photography Peppe Tortora

Creative direction Valentina Ilardi

Texts by Henry James and Michela D’Angelo

Clothes VIMMXX

Hairstyling and makeup Concetta Argondizzo

Makeup assistants Chicco Donati, Gloria Sarra for Simone Belli makeup

Project coordinator Maria Cristina Bastante

Fashion assistants Raven Narvaiz, Alex Sinato

Location Hotel Locarno

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